75 inch mounted with a Sonos sound system in the family room and 32 inch with a sounds sound bar in the living room.

75” in great room looks small! They are interested already in updating to a 85” Master Series.

55” on a articulating mount so it can turn and face the pool!

A clean network rack with no wire cluster!

Moving on in! Nice when A/V is a priority! Three 65” Samsung Tv’s with a Sonos Beam in the Living Room.

Cleaning up your IT room. We create a neat environment for you to use.

Customize your TV by putting a frame around it, putting a double sided piece of glass in-front of the TV to take away glare and have a better picture. We can mount a TV where ever you want it.

Memorial Stadium Project. Speakers installed in the ceiling, Network Server Cabinet, Projector & Screen.

Home theater room complete! 85" flat panel and a 7.2 surround sound with dual racks to hold all the equipment!

55 inch TV mounted on a marble wall, SONOs home theater set, speakers installed in the ceiling, networking with the same strength throughout the house. Single networking rack with no clutter and easy access.